Monday, October 6, 2014

Perfect pitch

Those of us in the marketing business are all too familiar with clients who are so close to their products that they're simply unable to see things in a fresh way. We constantly search for ways to break through and make connections with clients like that.

Enter Don Draper, the cheating, conniving ad exec of Mad Men. For all his foibles, Draper knows how to make connections with the toughest of clients. Even though it's fiction, I consider this particular client pitch to be the greatest of all time:

A few lessons learned: First, don't compromise your own professional expertise, especially when you know you're right. Be prepared to walk away if you have to. Second, the gentle way of leading a client to change isn't always the best way. Sometimes you just have to draw a hard line. Finally, wear a convincing poker face. (Great hair, great teeth and a well-tailored suit can't hurt, either.)

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